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About Us


Our Heritage

G. Ryder & Co. Ltd. was founded in the City of London in 1914 by Gerard Ryder. The company started life as a manufacturer of boxes and letter files and the first order, half a gross of letter files, was hand delivered by Gerard himself using a wheelbarrow for transport.

In the late 1940s many manufacturers began using automated box production but G. Ryder continued to make everything by hand preferring to maintain growth by producing quality bespoke products.


In 1956 the company acquired additional premises in Bletchley and by the early 1970s the entire company had relocated to the Buckinghamshire town.


Ryders Today

Today Ryders retain it's charming historic factory and along with it, many staff members that have been with the company for over 30 years. Their skills being instrumental to maintaining the hand crafted box making that Ryders has become so famous for. 

Many of our customers too, return time and time again knowing they will receive a quality service and a product that compliment one another.

Our customers nowadays vary in origin and professions, with customers from around the globe from Museums, Libraries, University archives to Leading Luxury Designers and manufacturers.


Our Management Staff


Tony Bailey

Managing Director

 I am proud to continue on the many traditions that the business has run to over so many years. Our heritage along with the many customers we manage are something we hold very dear to ourselves. My team are dedicated in delivering the best experience and quality in every box.


Rob Honour

Sales Director

 My team and I always look to provide a quick response to all your enquiries. It’s amazing on how many different requests we receive from our customers for different boxes. You would think they are all the same. We are here to help you with all your needs.


Mark Warner 

Production Manager

Spending all my working career in the industry has taught me a lot, but with so many designs there is never a dull moment. My team of very specialised box makers and so talented and agile. They are capable of tackling  any job put in front of them. Our traditional methods have lasted for so many years and will continue on for many more to come.


Make sure your box bears

"The true mark of craftmanship"

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